Exchange Ilford is embracing the town’s exciting transformation to create a community focal point. With a focus on families, inclusivity, convenience and lifestyle brands, it will be the easy destination for the community to shop, dine and be entertained. The brand is positioned as vibrant, family focussed, aspirational (but achievable), casual, inspiring and friendly. The level 1 entrance lobby, toilets and family room are a part of the rebranding and refurbishment works.

Entrance Lobby
Bold signage panels, clear iconography with the supporting brand pattern and colour palette mixed with warm timber creates a sense of arrival and welcoming space. A clean, legible sans-serif font has been used for the wayfinding signage which compliments the primary brand font.
Family room
The family room is an enclosed on-site purpose designed space. The brand colour palette has been implemented with bold, playful animal imagery in a modern, illustrative style, a friendly tone of voice and historical context.
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